In the beginning….

It all started last spring when I made a trip to Home Depot. Because I have MS, I tend to fall. Alot. Because I fall alot, I have a handicap placard. And because I have a handicap placard, I am allowed to park in a handicap space.

Because I have MS, and it is considered an invisible disease (meaning you can’t always tell that we are sick), there are days I walk just fine. So on the day in question, I went to Home Depot, feeling just fine and when I came out, I found this on my car:

Written on the back of a Dunkin Donut bag. First I felt awful, sad and a smidge humiliated. Not sure why I felt bad, they are the judgmental persons, not me. And speaking of making judgments, let me make some about the writer of the note: Used the word crippled, chances are good you are old. Wheelchair is one word, not two, so perhaps not the brightest. Written on the back of a Dunkin Donut bag, so probably overweight and perhaps diabetic.

See? I don’t know the writer of this note, yet I have made grand assumptions that may or may not be true. Think about that the next time you feel the need to leave a note for somebody you decide isn’t sick.


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