All broken up…Pt. 3

So, here I was in February, healing nicely when Valentine’s Day rolled around. To celebrate the day of love and the final countdown to getting my cast off, I ordered a heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s.

*Actual pizza

So, the doorbell rang, and I went down to get my glorious pizza. I clomped up the steps with my purple cast. And then it all went to hell.

My beautiful, Prince inspired, purple cast, got hung up in the carpet. And my LEFT foot got hung up in under all of my body weight.

*Actual cast

And I heard snap, crackle and pop. I also screamed. Loudly.

On a positive note, Eleanor finally found her inner Lassie. She sprang into action, and actually licled my face.

She also tried to bite my friend, fireman, when he tried to touch my foot. My foot that now had broken second, third and fourth metatarsals. Seriously.


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