Ok, I get it, really, I do. People with MS have some serious mobility challenges, or can, sometimes without much notice. And yes, I have broken two bones this year, one of which required surgery, and yeah, that has caused my suspect balance to be even worse.

However, I am perfectly capable of driving across the country without everyone weighing in on my trip. Yes, you mean well. Yes, you care. Yes, I appreciate it. However, it is VERY annoying. Please, just stop.

Trust me, every question you could possibly ask, I have more than likely thought of. Much planning has gone into this trip. So much, that even my therapist was impressed with my planning.

I have contingency plans in the event I can’t make it the whole way. Really, I do. From a car transport company on speed dial, to train and plane schedules, airports, etc.

But then, that is the entire point of this road trip and blog. To show we, those of us living with MS, can do.


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