Day 2, Memphis

OK, so I took some “by-pass” from Clarksville to Memphis, via I-40. Went through Waverly, TN, which is apparently the home of Loretta Lynn. Or something. There is the Loretta Lynn bridge/parkway and ranch, so….I did not stop.

I did however, pass a logging truck on a two lane highway. And I was never so glad to see an interstate in my life.

We are staying in Horn Lake, MS, right on the Tennessee border.

Speaking of the Horn Lake La Quinta Inn, currently my toilet is stopped up, and there is no plunger in sight. Really? Oh, and they did not give Eleanor her doggie welcome treat bag upon check-in.


On a brighter note, had dinner with my dear friend, Brandi. Brandi recently took a position with an immigration law firm here in Memphis.


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