Apologies, Oklahoma

Dear Oklahoma,

I was wrong. You aren’t a vast wasteland of nothing. At least from Oklahoma City westward. The western part of the state is actually quite lovely.

I saw cows, horses and windmills. Yes, alternative energy windmills. Big windmills. Huge windmills. Perhaps the best windmills I have ever seen.

Biggest windmills ever.




And then came the World’s Largest Route 66 Sign, in Elk City, OK.

World’s Biggest Route 66 Sign.

There is a nice little museum square with several displays besides the sign. And if you drive to the sign, you are actually driving on a piece of Route 66!

Here is the museum….

National Route 66 Museum.





…and a Kachina doll statue.

Her name is Myrtle. I don’t think she gets a lot of love being right across from the

Myrtle, Kachina Doll Statue.

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