Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

Ok, so I went to see the famous Cadillac Ranch aka Cadillac Stonehenge. I saw how incredibly far off the road it was, how uneven the dirt road was, and almost did just a drive-by.

And then I screwed my courage to the sticking post, grabbed both canes and started in the direction of the Cadillac’s.

Slowly, painfully slow at times, I made my way to the Cadillac’s. I did not waver, I did not stumble. I persisted.

Cadillac’s in the mud.

While looking at the Cadillac’s, I met a very nice group of men, who just happened to be Mexican bikers. The Black Dragons.

I took their group picture and they took mine.

Me at Cadillac Ranch.

I then looked down the long walk way, and began my very slow journey back.

View from my car, to the Cadillacs.

My legs were tired, but every time I began to falter, I said, “You can do this.”

And I did. I only almost fell once. But I didn’t.

I was tired, but determined. And never the less, I persisted.

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  1. Hey Melissa we just want you to know how extremely proud we are of you and this journey you have chosen!! Please call us when you get back so we can go to dinner or something! Your fans and the first couple you married 4 years ago!!! Still happily married by the way!! 😁😁😁😁! We love you and please be safe! ❀❀❀

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