Day 4, Oklahoma City

Short day of driving today, three hours. My body hurts. A lot. Mainly my lower back. Oh well.

From what I can tell so far, Oklahoma doesn’t look much different than Arkansas. That may change tomorrow. Or not.

Today has been frustrating. I seriously wonder why I felt the need to attempt this. I am stiff and sore and Eleanor is stiff as well. We are both old (er).

The Home2 Suite is, once again, superb.Once again, I got a handicap accessible room. This was actually a mini-suite. Well worth it. And I finally got to try the salt water pool. Smells better than chlorine, but the deepest part was five feet. That is probably fine for most women, but when you are 6’1, not so much.

And the water was cool. Kinda cold actually. Not good for MS muscles.

Chairs of the memorial and reflecting pool

I did go see the Oklahoma City Memorial tonight. Somber. Moving. And personally terrifying. I have MS, I have mobility issues and should I ever be in an active shooter or Oklahoma City situation, well, I’m dead.

Actually, I long ago decided that if that were to happen, I will be charging the shooter, best I can. Might as well distract the shooter so others might survive.

I did not go into the museum proper, only the outdoor memorial. Why? I do not want to see the murdered children. I just can’t.

Chairs of the children

The chairs at night are beautiful. The chairs that represent the killed children, each have a stuffed teddy bear sitting on them. That brought a stinging sensation to my eyes.

Using two canes, I did manage to walk around the entire memorial. That was quite an accomplishment. And I did it.

Tomorrow is a full four hour driving day. Destination: Amarillo.

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