Day 7, Albuquerque

So, on today, my seventh day on the road, I drove from Roswell to Albuquerque. Down a lovely four lane highway called 285. I saw sheep, cows and horses. And one lone cow in the middle of a huge field.

But as I was leaving Roswell, I saw something I didn’t see arriving in Roswell. Probably because I came into town a different way than I left. Anyway, in my rear view mirror I saw the welcome to Roswell sign.

Welcome to Roswell sign, as distinctive as Las Vegas.

So, as any good road trippin’ tourist would do, I turned around, went back and took some pictures. Which required me to get out of the car and walk in the dirt a bit. I could just see myself rolling around in the dirt, under the boiling sun, trying to get up. But, that didn’t happen!

So once I got back on the road, I settled in for a long, quiet drive. Mainly because there was no cell phone reception, but it was peaceful. And scenic. And then, I saw two large…things, in the near distance. One on each side of the road.

Guy on the left.


And the guy on my right, pointing at the other guy.

Guy on the right.


I have no clue what these two guys are doing or why they are there, but here they are. FYI…they were about 10-12 feet high. And of course I stopped and took some pictures.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, but gorgeous.

I had dinner at the western most Cracker Barrel in the United States. Their cook is obviously NOT from the South. Oh well.

I have discovered that driving on the four lanes versus the interstate is an easier drive for me. Seven days in and I feel really good!


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