End Of The Line

While Eleanor and I came up short in our quest to drive cross country, I do not consider this a failure in any way. It is a fact that I could finish this trip if I were traveling by myself. However, I am not, and there is no reasonable path forward for Eleanor and I to get to LA without doing more harm to her.

This blog WILL continue because I will continue to travel and even when I am not traveling, living with MS is in itself a journey.

I have learned a lot about myself and living with my disease on this trip. The fact I did not actually drive all the way to LA does not make this trip a failure. Quite the opposite actually; learning about limitations and to listen to your body (or the body of a dog), means more than finishing a drive.

This is not quitting, this is being responsible. And loving something (Eleanor), more than yourself.

I want to thank everyone who believed in me, championed me and gave me words of encouragement. THANK YOU.

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