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Well, Trump (or as Evangelicals call him, Platform. You know, so they could feel good about voting for a pussy grabbing, Russian colluding (Benghazi! Emails!), disable persons mocking, unsecured Android phone using, formerly pro-choice, Hillary supporting man, under the guise of keeping some theoretical future child safe versus the children who are already here, because they voted for the Platform and not the man) is at his six month mark tomorrow. Three failed attempts at repealing and replacing Obamacare, and any hope for reform that would actually help the least among us*, is GONE. As is my respect for Evangelicals.

*The bills have all included cuts to Medicaid, which helps not just low income persons, but also many veterans, seniors and those facing acute, life threatening illnesses.

How any man elected president couldn’t know “Healthcare was so complex” shows a lack of respect for the people of this country, the office of the president and humanity in general.

But moving on from the disaster in the White House (Even W would be an improvement), we must stay vigilant and support those Republicans who actually have a conscience, three of whom happen to be women (Kinda ironic considering how Republicans don’t really value women): Collins of Main, Murkowski of Alaska and Capito of West Virginia put country ahead of party.

They were also left out of drafting the healthcare bill. Hey Mitch, next time give the women a seat at the table. Seriously.

Now, this is a very political post.  Yes, because somewhere along the line giving people access to healthcare and paying for that access, became a political issue. You know, instead of a Judaeo-Christian helping the least among us, taking care of each other foundation of society. I don’t know why.

I do know that my healthcare, like voting, is not a privilege, but a RIGHT. Period.

So, if you have MS or any other invisible or even visible disease, keep up the pressure. Call your senators and representatives. Make our voices heard!

Don’t know who your rep is? Find out here.

Don’t know who your senator is? Find out here.



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