Post Trip Health update

So, while in LA I managed to get into a fight with a welcome mat. The welcome mat won. I suffered a chipped bone in my left ankle and a bad sprain. Go me. This necessitated another trip to see Dr. Anaconda, who was as charming as ever. Even after I told her I never wanted to see her again.

She informed me it was not a break, but a bad sprain. Really? I asked if there was a piece of bone that was now in two pieces in my ankle area? She said “Well, yes, but that is not really a break.” I got nothing for that.

So, I almost fell down the steps, caught myself and tried to straighten my leg out. And I did. After two minutes. That is when it hit me that my falls have not been caused by leg spasms, but a locking right knee. And rogue welcome mats.

The ortho doc (not Anaconda, cause she only does lower legs at the ankle) informed me it was just an inflamed cartilage in my knee. Gave me a very painful, and as yet useless, cortisone shot. In the knee.Stay tuned.



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