Still invisible….

Thinking of my friends, Anne Luchessi Spina and her husband Jim today. Both have invisible, pre-existing medical conditions. Anna has Arnold Chiari Malformation (which I also have a very minor case of), Spiro -something I can’t say, let alone spell, and her husband has had a kidney transplant.

Jim is in today for I believe his 38th surgery, and as usual, Anna is with him. Anna who has had numerous surgeries herself, but who is always positive and full of faith.

I send up many prayers for them both today.

She probably doesn’t know this, but she inspires me. She and her husband get up and go to work every day, proving we can be still be productive. She gives me hope. And right now everyone with a chronic illness, or heck, even something like carpal tunnel (you know, those of us with pre-existing conditions) need hope. We are scared.

We have no reason to believe a political party that tried to repeal our only access to healthcare 50 times under Obama, with no real replacement in place, will actually work this out so that ALL Americans can have healthcare.

Seven years the GOP has had to come up with something, and they got nothing. I do wonder what kind of healthcare Putin offers?



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