Day 2 Murder Scene

Why did I choose to go from LA to Phoenix? Well, that is a very good question, and considering how the trip started, not my wisest move. However, I am working on a new project, and murder scenes are my current groove. Well, my full time groove, but just go with it, ok?

Anyway, I went to the house of Travis Alexander, who was slaughtered by Jodi Arias. Look, he was never ever going to take her home to meet Mom, and if the roles were reversed and it had been Travina Alexander and Jodi (male) Arias, we would have kept asking why did she keep going back to him?

Because it was female on male violence, we seem to have just glossed over the whole domestic violence thing. Yes, men can and are the victims of domestic violence. And Travis was a victim of extreme domestic violence.

Anyway, the house is a non-descript cookie cutter house in a nice, middle class development, complete with a park right across the street. Looking at the house, I tried to imagine what went on in that house, that day Travis was murdered. In a seemingly nice, normal house. And I sent up a little prayer for Travis.

Travis Alexander’s House

Murder Scenes

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