Day 3, Winter Murder Tour

Loooooong day. Started in Oklahoma City in the early morning darkness, and ended in Albuquerque. In the darkness. With a trip to Kansas and Colorado in between.

It started in almost total darkness, save for flashing red lights in the distance. I thought perhaps a UFO was about to snatch me. Nope. Just row after row of giant windmills. Apparently they must have a flashing red light so that anything flying in the middle of the night.

By the time the sun finally came, I was barreling down a two lane road toward Kansas. Two lane roads are nice. Quaint. Seemingly never ending. And remote. As in, 40 miles of few cars, no gas stations and few houses. Which means no bathrooms. And that is a problem. Especially for someone with MS. You can read about this very specific issue right here. (link coming)

This grammatically incorrect sign was the last thing of note I saw before leaving Oklahoma.

As I entered Kansas, I knew not what hell awaited me. Hell, because even though I was only in the western most part of the state, it went on forever. And ever. And ever.

Why did I got to Kansas? Two reasons: 1. I needed to get it off the list of states I need to see to complete all 50, and 2. The Clutter family home is in Holcomb, KS.

Who is the Clutter family? On November 15, 1959, two ex-cons, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock broke into the Clutter family home in the middle of the night. They killed Herb, his wife Bonnie, and their two youngest children, teens Nancy and Kenyon. Their two eldest children, Eveanna and Beverly had moved out to start their adult lives.

The case sparked national interest that was further stoked when author Truman Capote published his “non-fiction” book, In Cold Blood. The book is often credited as being the first true crime book

Obviously, I had to make the road trip to see the house. Hence my trip to the out of the way town of Holcomb. A town that doesn’t even have a McDonald’s.

I am unsure of what my expectations for the were, but it did not live up to them. The house was much smaller that I thought it would be, and the address, 611 Oak Avenue is anything but an avenue. Or street or lane. It is literally down a dirt road, across from the railroad tracks and next to what I assume is a working grain silo.

Clutter house, December 2019.
The house is a private residence.

After what felt like 1,000 years, I finally made it to Colorado, and rejoiced. And I was another state closer to having all 50. In fact, Colorado was my 40th state. Go me.

I went 78 miles down a two lane road. Few cars, fewer houses, and no bathrooms. Fun times. But through it all, my trusty companion Eleanor was at my side.

Like her mother, Eleanor is exhausted.

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