MS & Coronavirus

A few things….

  1. This is NOT a hoax.
  2. We do not have this under control, nor do we have enough tests.
  3. This is NOT no big deal.
  4. This will get worse before it gets better.
  5. If you have any other health issue: chronic, acute, immunosuppressed, stay out of populated areas. Stores, grocery stores, arenas, hospitals, schools, malls, etc.

Sadly, the US had 47 CDC offices world wide with the sole purpose of monitoring disease outbreaks. The current administration closed 37 of the 47. Most importantly, the office in China was closed. China is ground zero with over 80,000 cases thus far.

Not only is this virus deadly, it is also going to be catastrophic for our economy: festivals, conventions, spring break destinations, UN Assemblies, canceled. Mom and pop businesses and chain stores will be effected.

The stock market is going to fall. The world economy is going to falter.

Sadly, the US has been caught flat footed. The CDC has been in a hiring freeze since 2017.

Science is real. Numbers are real. People are dying. Be smart and cognizant of your neighbors, the elderly, chronically ill and babies.

The life you save may be someone you love. Or me. I have MS and even a mild case could be catastrophic for me.

God gave you common sense, use it.


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