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Healthcare Thoughts

Well, Trump (or as Evangelicals call him, Platform. You know, so they could feel good about voting for a pussy grabbing, Russian colluding (Benghazi! Emails!), disable persons mocking, unsecured Android phone using, formerly pro-choice, Hillary supporting man, under the guise of keeping some theoretical future child safe versus the children who are already here, because…

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Post Trip Health update

So, while in LA I managed to get into a fight with a welcome mat. The welcome mat won. I suffered a chipped bone in my left ankle and a bad sprain. Go me. This necessitated another trip to see Dr. Anaconda, who was as charming as ever. Even after I told her I never…

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Self Care

So, after the cluster that was yesterday, I decided today was a day for self-care. What does that mean? I returned to the room, shut off all of the lights, turned the TV on, the air down, took a muscle relaxer and snuggled up in under my Wonder Woman throw. I dozed, I watched Dr.…

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LaQuinta, Pt. 2

OK, so I went to the day manager this morning and she gave me 20% off my bill and got me unclogged at 9 am. So, that was something, and I am fairly happy. Having breakfast, fed and walked Eleanor, and gonna cool down a bit before leaving for Ft. Smith, etc.

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