On the Road Again

Can’t you just hear Willie Nelson? Anyway, driving from LA back to Tennessee via Phoenix, Vegas, Utah/Colorado, touch of Wyoming, then Kansas, Missouri, Calhoun, Kentucky and finally, Knoxville. As before, my trusty sidekick Eleanor will be riding shotgun. No time table, just me, my MS and the dog.

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Still invisible….

Thinking of my friends, Anne Luchessi Spina and her husband Jim today. Both have invisible, pre-existing medical conditions. Anna has Arnold Chiari Malformation (which I also have a very minor case of), Spiro -something I can’t say, let alone spell, and her husband has had a kidney transplant. Jim is in today for I believe…

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Next Road trip

OK, since I have proven that I am capable of doing a road trip, I am planning my next one. I have always wanted to see the Northeast during the fall, so that is what I am thinking. Obviously a much shorter trip, but, I could get a few more states off my list. Namely…

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Healthcare Thoughts

Well, Trump (or as Evangelicals call him, Platform. You know, so they could feel good about voting for a pussy grabbing, Russian colluding (Benghazi! Emails!), disable persons mocking, unsecured Android phone using, formerly pro-choice, Hillary supporting man, under the guise of keeping some theoretical future child safe versus the children who are already here, because…

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Post Trip Health update

So, while in LA I managed to get into a fight with a welcome mat. The welcome mat won. I suffered a chipped bone in my left ankle and a bad sprain. Go me. This necessitated another trip to see Dr. Anaconda, who was as charming as ever. Even after I told her I never…

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Self Care

So, after the cluster that was yesterday, I decided today was a day for self-care. What does that mean? I returned to the room, shut off all of the lights, turned the TV on, the air down, took a muscle relaxer and snuggled up in under my Wonder Woman throw. I dozed, I watched Dr.…

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Heat, heat and more heat

Typically in LA we have what you call June Gloom in, wait for it, the month of June. That means a very thick marine layer keeps temperatures in the 70’s. Very cool and quite enjoyable. Not this week. Nope. Nada. Un-huh. Today it was 98. Yesterday it was 95. Tomorrow? Supposed to be around 100.…

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