As anybody who knows me or who has been following this journey knows, Eleanor has been my constant companion and helper for 11 years. I wouldn’t dream of making this trip, journey, without her. She has been a real trooper these past seven days. However, she has, of late, been struggling a bit. She…

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Day 7, Albuquerque

So, on today, my seventh day on the road, I drove from Roswell to Albuquerque. Down a lovely four lane highway called 285. I saw sheep, cows and horses. And one lone cow in the middle of a huge field. But as I was leaving Roswell, I saw something I didn’t see arriving in Roswell.…

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Day 6, Roswell, NM

The drive from Amarillo to Roswell was long, but not unpleasant. I took the four lane highway, and it was scenic. Well, Ok, so a lot of the time the scenery was of flat land that went on forever. But it beat the scenery driving through Arkansas. And part of Oklahoma. Just remember if you…

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Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

Ok, so I went to see the famous Cadillac Ranch aka Cadillac Stonehenge. I saw how incredibly far off the road it was, how uneven the dirt road was, and almost did just a drive-by. And then I screwed my courage to the sticking post, grabbed both canes and started in the direction of the…

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Apologies, Oklahoma

Dear Oklahoma, I was wrong. You aren’t a vast wasteland of nothing. At least from Oklahoma City westward. The western part of the state is actually quite lovely. I saw cows, horses and windmills. Yes, alternative energy windmills. Big windmills. Huge windmills. Perhaps the best windmills I have ever seen.       And then…

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Day 4, Oklahoma City

Short day of driving today, three hours. My body hurts. A lot. Mainly my lower back. Oh well. From what I can tell so far, Oklahoma doesn’t look much different than Arkansas. That may change tomorrow. Or not. Today has been frustrating. I seriously wonder why I felt the need to attempt this. I am…

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Day 3, Fort Smith, AR

And on the third day, I drove for a very long time (OK, so it was only four hours, but it felt like years) from Lake Horn, MS/Memphis, to Fort Smith, Arkansas. What I learned today? Four hours is just about my maximum driving time in my current state. The pain in my right foot…

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LaQuinta, Pt. 2

OK, so I went to the day manager this morning and she gave me 20% off my bill and got me unclogged at 9 am. So, that was something, and I am fairly happy. Having breakfast, fed and walked Eleanor, and gonna cool down a bit before leaving for Ft. Smith, etc.

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