Day 1: Clarksville, TN

Wow, what a day. I did roughly four hours and it was tougher than I thought it would be. I have made the Knoxville to Clarksville drive many, many times, but this time…. Before I had even put in 30 minutes, my right foot was killing me. The glory of a still tender, newly healed…

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WATE TV 6 news appearance

As I was leaving today to begin my journey to raise awareness for persons living with M.S, a local news station in Knoxville did a story on me. Below is a link to the story. WATE appearance Profoundly thankful to Whitney Good for doing the story.  

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World MS Day

Not only is today the day I start my MS road trip, it’s also World MS Day. The first World MS Day was initiated in 2009, by the MS International Federation, as a way to bring awareness to MS. Each year, a different theme is picked. This year’s theme is #LifeWithMS. Well, it is no…

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I first got Eleanor when she was roughly 14 months old, and I had been diagnosed around seven months. She has been, for the last 11 years, my constant companion, helper and emotional support. I strongly recommend anyone with a chronic illness, get a dog. Or I guess, maybe a cat. Or even a guinea…

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Ok, I get it, really, I do. People with MS have some serious mobility challenges, or can, sometimes without much notice. And yes, I have broken two bones this year, one of which required surgery, and yeah, that has caused my suspect balance to be even worse. However, I am perfectly capable of driving across…

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All broken up…Pt. 3

So, here I was in February, healing nicely when Valentine’s Day rolled around. To celebrate the day of love and the final countdown to getting my cast off, I ordered a heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s. So, the doorbell rang, and I went down to get my glorious pizza. I clomped up the steps…

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Enter the Anaconda

Upon arrival at the ortho clinic, I was seen by a female ortho surgeon. Now, let me be perfectly clear, this doctor is highly accomplished, incredibly skilled and I trusted her with my leg/foot. She also understood that I have MS, which means my bones and bone healing, not the best. All those steroids we…

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All broken up….Pt. 2

After my neighbor helped me get up the stairs, I took a pain pill and promptly fell asleep. Until I needed to pee. Knowing I could not make it to the bathroom I considered bed wetting. Realizing I was also not able to change the bed, I nixed that idea. Luckily, I had a McDonald’s…

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All broken up…Pt.1

So, originally this road trip was to have taken place at the end of February, 2017. Ha! I may have mentioned that I have this pesky disease called MS, and I tend to fall because of it. Well, I am also heat intolerant and extreme cold weather makes me stiffen harder than frozen taffy. Anyway,…

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