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On the Road Again

Can’t you just hear Willie Nelson? Anyway, driving from LA back to Tennessee via Phoenix, Vegas, Utah/Colorado, touch of Wyoming, then Kansas, Missouri, Calhoun, Kentucky and finally, Knoxville. As before, my trusty sidekick Eleanor will be riding shotgun. No time table, just me, my MS and the dog.

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1 Week Post Trip

Well, it has been one week since I ended the car postion of my trip and boarded Amtrack for the last leg of my trip. It was to be a 16 hour, overnight, train ride from Albuquerque, New Mexico to LA. Supposed to be. However, due to a hail storm in Las Vegas, NM, the…

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June 7, 2005

12 years ago today, I was diagnosed with MS at UCLA Medical Center. The chief resident said the five words that would forever change my life, at 8:25am PST: “I’m sorry, you have MS.” I remember he looked rather pleased with himself. A brief disagreement between doctor and patient ensued, but I knew. I knew…

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End Of The Line

While Eleanor and I came up short in our quest to drive cross country, I do not consider this a failure in any way. It is a fact that I could finish this trip if I were traveling by myself. However, I am not, and there is no reasonable path forward for Eleanor and I…

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Day 7, Albuquerque

So, on today, my seventh day on the road, I drove from Roswell to Albuquerque. Down a lovely four lane highway called 285. I saw sheep, cows and horses. And one lone cow in the middle of a huge field. But as I was leaving Roswell, I saw something I didn’t see arriving in Roswell.…

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Day 6, Roswell, NM

The drive from Amarillo to Roswell was long, but not unpleasant. I took the four lane highway, and it was scenic. Well, Ok, so a lot of the time the scenery was of flat land that went on forever. But it beat the scenery driving through Arkansas. And part of Oklahoma. Just remember if you…

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Day 4, Oklahoma City

Short day of driving today, three hours. My body hurts. A lot. Mainly my lower back. Oh well. From what I can tell so far, Oklahoma doesn’t look much different than Arkansas. That may change tomorrow. Or not. Today has been frustrating. I seriously wonder why I felt the need to attempt this. I am…

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Panic Attack

So, on the second day, I had a mild (?) panic attack today. Actually, it was this evening. My right leg started hurting as i drove to dinner. This made me start to think about the long days of driving coming up. I wondered if I can’t make it out of Tennessee without being in…

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Day 2, Memphis

OK, so I took some “by-pass” from Clarksville to Memphis, via I-40. Went through Waverly, TN, which is apparently the home of Loretta Lynn. Or something. There is the Loretta Lynn bridge/parkway and ranch, so….I did not stop. I did however, pass a logging truck on a two lane highway. And I was never so…

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Eleanor update

Some of you have emailed to ask what I do with Eleanor when I have to run into a store, etc. You will be happy to know, she gets locked in the car, with sun shades and the A/C blowing cold. The car windows are tinted, she has a cooling pad in her booster seat…

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