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1 Week Post Trip

Well, it has been one week since I ended the car postion of my trip and boarded Amtrack for the last leg of my trip. It was to be a 16 hour, overnight, train ride from Albuquerque, New Mexico to LA. Supposed to be. However, due to a hail storm in Las Vegas, NM, the…

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June 7, 2005

12 years ago today, I was diagnosed with MS at UCLA Medical Center. The chief resident said the five words that would forever change my life, at 8:25am PST: “I’m sorry, you have MS.” I remember he looked rather pleased with himself. A brief disagreement between doctor and patient ensued, but I knew. I knew…

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Oh La Quinta….

I am tired, I am achy and i just want to go to sleep. Can I do that? Nope. Why? My toilet is stopped up. Bigly. From not much stuff. Low water pressure. Really? Well, it is Mississippi. So I asked for a plunger, thinking the front desk would come take care of the issue.…

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