MS & Coronavirus

A few things…. This is NOT a hoax. We do not have this under control, nor do we have enough tests. This is NOT no big deal. This will get worse before it gets better. If you have any other health issue: chronic, acute, immunosuppressed, stay out of populated areas. Stores, grocery stores, arenas, hospitals,…

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Oops…I did it again.

2020 started badly. Some how, some way, I went to bed on New Years Eve, awoke at 10:30pm, only to find it was still 2029. Used the bathroom, went back to bed, dog got me up at 1:30am and my right foot was killing me. I chalked it up to foot cramps, took a muscle…

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Super Tuesday and Voting

Today is Super Tuesday and if you live in one of the 14 states voting in a presidential primary (and stste/local races) today, know this: if you have a disability, ANY disability, you are entitled to ask for any accommodation required so that you may cast your ballot. That includes and is not limited to…

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Day 3, Winter Murder Tour

Loooooong day. Started in Oklahoma City in the early morning darkness, and ended in Albuquerque. In the darkness. With a trip to Kansas and Colorado in between. It started in almost total darkness, save for flashing red lights in the distance. I thought perhaps a UFO was about to snatch me. Nope. Just row after…

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Day 2, Winter Murder Road Trip

Memphis to Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, I had to drive through Arkansas. Sorry to any and all people from Arkansas, but your state is not for me. Nope. Nor my dog. I actually enjoy driving through Oklahoma. And I must say, the Fiesta Mart just outside of OKC is my new favorite gas station/McDonald’s/Mini-Mart. Why? They…

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Graceland at Christmas

I have now been to Graceland three times: once with my mother, cousins and aunts in the summer of 1979, once with my mother and Justin (during his 8 year old Elvis phase), and tonight. Have I been by Graceland at night before? Yes. At Christmas? Not until tonight. What a wonderful and magical place…

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Day 2 Murder Scene

Why did I choose to go from LA to Phoenix? Well, that is a very good question, and considering how the trip started, not my wisest move. However, I am working on a new project, and murder scenes are my current groove. Well, my full time groove, but just go with it, ok? Anyway, I…

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Day 5: Oklahoma!

Grass! Green grass. Green grass EVERYWHERE! Drove eight hours from ABQ to OKC. Got in early, took a nap and then took Miss Eleanor to the OnCue Dog Park. Home of the two largest dog statues in Oklahoma. However, prior to arriving in Oklahoma, I made a pit stop in some place called Shamrock, TX.…

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Cactus? Cacti?

I have no clue, nor desire to know this, but I do wonder if cactus is the state flower or tree? So many cacti. And they are a protected…something in the state. Never want to see another cactus again. Nothing personal, just not my thing.

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