Day 2 Murder Scene

Why did I choose to go from LA to Phoenix? Well, that is a very good question, and considering how the trip started, not my wisest move. However, I am working on a new project, and murder scenes are my current groove. Well, my full time groove, but just go with it, ok? Anyway, I…

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Day 5: Oklahoma!

Grass! Green grass. Green grass EVERYWHERE! Drove eight hours from ABQ to OKC. Got in early, took a nap and then took Miss Eleanor to the OnCue Dog Park. Home of the two largest dog statues in Oklahoma. However, prior to arriving in Oklahoma, I made a pit stop in some place called Shamrock, TX.…

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Cactus? Cacti?

I have no clue, nor desire to know this, but I do wonder if cactus is the state flower or tree? So many cacti. And they are a protected…something in the state. Never want to see another cactus again. Nothing personal, just not my thing.

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Day 2&3: So. Much. Beige.

I made it to Las Vegas after 40 years in the desert. Ok, it was more like four hours in the desert, but you get the picture. Vegas was fun. Did you know that by Nevada state law, prostitutes/escorts/call-girls/whatever you call them, can not quote a price for services over the phone? Melissa, you may…

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Day 1: Moses….

Today was bad. Started off bad and looks to end up…not so good. So why did I name this post “Moses?” Simple, the drive from LA to Phoenix is nothing but beige, barren land. It went on forever and ever. And ever. If Moses wandered around in the desert for 40 years, well, bless his…

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On the Road Again

Can’t you just hear Willie Nelson? Anyway, driving from LA back to Tennessee via Phoenix, Vegas, Utah/Colorado, touch of Wyoming, then Kansas, Missouri, Calhoun, Kentucky and finally, Knoxville. As before, my trusty sidekick Eleanor will be riding shotgun. No time table, just me, my MS and the dog.

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Still invisible….

Thinking of my friends, Anne Luchessi Spina and her husband Jim today. Both have invisible, pre-existing medical conditions. Anna has Arnold Chiari Malformation (which I also have a very minor case of), Spiro -something I can’t say, let alone spell, and her husband has had a kidney transplant. Jim is in today for I believe…

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