Heat, heat and more heat

Typically in LA we have what you call June Gloom in, wait for it, the month of June. That means a very thick marine layer keeps temperatures in the 70’s. Very cool and quite enjoyable.

Not this week. Nope. Nada. Un-huh. Today it was 98. Yesterday it was 95. Tomorrow? Supposed to be around 100.

If you have MS, you know what that means: potentially catastrophic outcome for a person living with MS. If you don’t have MS and have no clue what it means, allow me: MS people are highly heat intolerant. As in, the slightest temp change upward, can result in fatigue, rubbery legs, loss of bodily functions, inability to cool down, and so on.

That is what happened to me today. All of it. It sucks. It is frustrating and demoralizing. Seriously, I’m 46 and unable to control my bowels? Yeah.

However, today was but a day. A single, crappy (literally and figuratively) day. Tomorrow will be better. Really, it will. I think.

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