Day 3, Fort Smith, AR

And on the third day, I drove for a very long time (OK, so it was only four hours, but it felt like years) from Lake Horn, MS/Memphis, to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

What I learned today? Four hours is just about my maximum driving time in my current state. The pain in my right foot is awful, but manageable. I think.

The key is to make frequent stops. Yeah, it makes the drive longer, but it is what you must do. I used to be the queen of doing an eight hour drive with one five minute stop. HA! But it is frustrating.

I simply can not do that anymore. Probably never should have. Oh well.

Red Wagon

The decision to bring my collapsible red wagon was the best decision I made when packing the car. No searching for a luggage cart upon arrival at the hotel, no struggling to carry bags to the room, or making multiple trips to get everything in.

It collapses to almost nothing. And it’s red, just like my childhood Radio Flyer wagon. Even for the able bodied, you might want to get one if taking a long road trip.

Tonight’s lodging is at the Home 2 Suites by Hilton. I booked the accessible room, which is just awesome. Actually, the entire hotel is pretty awesome. Swanky, yet very affordable.

Oh, and the toilet works.

Tomorrow will be a light driving day, as Oklahoma City is only three hours or so away. I will go see the memorial and then check into yet another Home 2 Suites by Hilton.

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